We offer a range of legal services catering to individuals and corporate clients ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to public companies listed on the Malaysian, Singapore and New York Stock Exchanges. We draft sale and purchase agreements for acquisition of companies, businesses, domestic and commercial properties as well as offering advice on Malaysian law to foreign clients setting up business in Malaysia as well as preparing wills and assisting in the administration of estates.

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Corporate Finance eg Rights Issue etc
  • Employment Contracts
  • Foreign Investment
  • Infrastructure eg prebid /tenders /building contracts
  • Information Technology, IT Contracts
  • Property, sale, purchase, lettings
  • Joint Ventures
  • IPOs /flotations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We also work in association with a number of law firms within and outside of Malaysia to provide specialized services on Litigation or Patents registrations.


In gratitude to my late mum for allowing me to read law, my immediate and extended family members, various friends and key people for their office support and comfort all through the years, to the lawyers and esteemed members of the judiciary whom I have met east and west who all contributed to the sum total of my legal knowledge, to the colourful clients and corporate bigwigs who were so instrumental in helping me weave a rich tapestry of legal experience, last but not least to my Teacher for the Teachings and for showing the way to a simpler and more graceful life.